Apple Removes Popular 500px Apps from the App Store

Yanked for featuring adult images and material, according to an Apple spokesperson

One of the most respected photo-sharing services has seen its iOS apps pulled yesterday after reports of inappropriate adult imagery churning up in searches routed through the mobile apps.

The popular photo-sharing apps from 500px were removed by Apple’s review team yesterday after learning that said apps enabled underage users to view content deemed inappropriate for their age.

An Apple spokesperson tells The Next Web, “The app was removed from the App Store for featuring pornographic images and material, a clear violation of our guidelines.”

The spokesperson adds that Apple has also received a number of customer complaints regarding “possible child pornography.” Apple has since asked 500px to “put safeguards in place to prevent” such materials from being routed through their apps again.

As of right now, the 500px apps are unavailable to download for iOS platforms. The developers have already informed Apple that they would make all the necessary changes to the apps to rectify the matter.

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