Apple Releases Updated iTunes Connect for Developers

Developers get a more detailed view of their sales figures, trends, etc.

Developers making a buck selling iOS and OS X apps have new tools to track their download patterns, revenue, trends (device types), and so on.

An update to the iTunes Connect developer tool is just rolling out. Developers can get more detailed information about their sales using separators for territory, platform, category, etc.

Another added benefit is the dynamic graph that allows users to narrow down their sales to a particular timeframe. Previously, they would actually have to download a sales report and open it in Office software to do the math themselves.

Finally, as shown by 9to5mac, the new iTunes Connect portal now estimates sales in dollars, not just unit sales. The interface is also flat and minimalistic, akin to Apple’s recent software redesign on iOS platforms. Visit Apple’s iTunes Connect site to see the changes now.

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