Apple Releases New App Store Badges and Product Images for Developers

Cupertino rolls out the latest resources to promote iOS apps worldwide

iOS and Mac developers have new assets to download from Apple’s servers, including a bunch of new badges for their websites, and new product images (frames) that show their apps as if they were running on the newest generation of devices.

Apple is encouraging developers to “Get the latest resources to promote your iOS apps worldwide.”

Those who sell applications in the iOS and Mac App Stores usually also promote their titles via a personal website, or blog. Which is why Apple is offering two new badges — “Available on the App Store” for offline use and “Download on the App Store” for online use — localized in over 30 languages.

Developers whose applications support the iPhone 5 and the iPod touch (5th generation) are also told to download a brand new set of product images to showcase their titles on the brilliant 4-inch Retina display shared by both devices.

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