Apple Describes "Elements of Launchpad" in Updated Mac 101 Doc

“Learn how to use and organize Launchpad in OS X,” with Apple

Those who are new to the Mac, or just getting acquainted to the latest additions in OS X, might want to check out Apple’s “Mac 101: Launchpad” Support document, as it describes the functionality of OS X’s application launcher in great detail.

Apple says “Launchpad lets you see, organize, and easily open your apps,” and proposes that users “learn how to use and organize Launchpad in OS X” by reading the newly-updated support document at hand.

It covers Entering and Exiting Launchpad with gestures (or a traditional click of the icon in the Dock); Elements of Launchpad - which offers an in-depth analysis of the icons, search field, folders, and more; Organize Launchpad; and Delete a Mac App Store app.

If you’re looking for Launchpad instructions straight from the mother-ship, “Mac 101: Launchpad” should be your first stop.

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