Apple Releases First Software Update for iPod nano 7G

Patch said to include “support for iPod nano (7th generation)”

As the seventh-generation iPod nano is shipping to customers worldwide, Apple has just released the first software update targeting the player. The details are scant, but the patch is most likely necessary to avoid any syncing errors with iTunes, going by the changelog.

A new version of the iPod nano software is immediately available to download through iTunes, or directly on the player itself if connected to a computer.

The terse changelog reveals that iPod nano (7th generation) version 1.0.1 adds “support for iPod nano (7th generation),” as if the player can’t even stand itself without this update.

While the literature is certainly ambiguous, the patch is most likely needed to ensure smooth sailing whenever the user decides to sync their player with iTunes.

It’s also possible that Apple’s engineers recently discovered some bugs in the player’s software.

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