Apple Proposes Ad-Skipping TV Service

Viewers would skip commercials and compensate media companies with paid subscriptions

Apple is seeking to introduce a new way for customers to watch television by allowing them to skip commercials, a system that would undoubtedly disrupt the established business model among cable companies everywhere.

Formerly a tech journalist with the Wall Street Journal, Jessica Lessin reveals on her WordPress blog that Apple has prepared “technology that allows viewers to skip commercials and that pays media companies for the skipped views.”

The only problem is getting the likes of Time Warner Cable to play ball. As the Cupertino giant continues to seek rights from the cable companies and television networks to deliver such a service coupled with their content via Apple TV, “things seem to be heating up,” Lessin reports.

At a meeting with media executives, Apple pitched its idea as a “premium” version of the existing model “that would allow users to skip ads and would compensate television networks for the lost revenue,” Lessin reveals, citing people briefed on the conversations.

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