Apple Promotes iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match

A reminder that you can now access all your stuff from the iCloud

The company headquartered at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California has begun promoting iTunes in the Cloud and iTunes Match - two new iCloud features that have been widely available since last month.

But for those still deciding whether to pay the 25 bucks for song-matching, or even those skeptic of using iTunes on their Windows PC, Apple has issued an update via InsideiTunes to make sure everyone knows what they’re missing.

In a nutshell, iTunes in the Cloud offers Internet access to all your stuff - music, apps, and books you've snatched from the iTunes Store. It also gives you the ability to automatically download new store purchases to your devices without syncing.

As for Match, it requires an annual paid subscription and does the simple task of offering your entire music library in the cloud without having to upload entire gigabytes of songs - it only grabs from your library what isn’t available on the iTunes Store.

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