Apple Offers Fix for Aperture 3.4.2 Quit-on-Launch Bug

Cupertino instructs customers to re-install software after deleting existing copy

In a knowledge-base article posted online this weekend, Apple informs photography fans that “Aperture may quit on launch after update to Aperture 3.4.2.” The company proposes a clean re-install as a fix, providing the necessary instructions to get the job done properly.

Under Symptoms, Apple notes that “After updating to Aperture 3.4.2 via the Mac App Store, Aperture may quit when you open it.”

Users experiencing this issue are told to follow five steps to reinstall the program outright, in order to fix their woes.

According to the instructions, users must move the Aperture application to the trash, re-download the photography software from the Mac App Store, and re-install the app.

The steps describe more actions, meaning that if you’re planning to undertake the job, you should read through the whole thing.

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