Apple Now Selling the 2G Nest Thermostat, Also in Retail Stores

Learns what temperature you like, lets you control it remotely via an iPhone app

After adding the Nest “learning” thermostat to its virtual shelves on, Cupertino-based Apple Inc. is now selling the second generation of Tony Fadell’s brilliant invention, both online and physically, in brick-and-mortar stores across the US and Canada.

Priced at $249.95 (€188) the second-generation Nest Learning Thermostat turns itself down when you're away and can be controlled over Wi-Fi using a companion app downloadable free of charge from iTunes.

It also remembers what temperatures you like and you get a monthly Energy Report which shows you trends in your energy use. You can create a custom schedule for your home and set it to display Nest Leaf whenever you select a temperature that shaves dollars off the gas bill.

The Nest “learning” thermostat is the brainchild of Tony Fadell, a former Apple employee regarded as the grandfather of the iPod.

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