Apple Now Selling a Maximum 999 iPad minis per Customer

Cupertino lifts restrictions involving individual tablet purchases

Apple has recently lifted a restriction associated with purchases of its diminutive tablet computers, allowing individual customers in the US and Europe (as well as other territories around the globe) to secure as many as 999 iPad minis in one order.

Previously, bulk purchasing of iPad minis was only available via education / corporate programs, but now any John / Jane Doe can place an order for as many as 999 tablets, provided that they have the money to pay for the truck-load of iPad minis heading to their house.

The shipping is free of charge (no surprise there), and the total price of this insane purchase is $328,671 in the US, and €276.193,53 in Europe. Of course, the idea behind lifting this restriction is to allow people to buy two or three iPads in one shot. The shipping times are also improved from 1-3 days to 24 hours.

Imagine hitting the wrong buttons while placing an order and waking up with a truck full of iPads in your driveway, with the driver holding your quarter-million dollar bill.

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