Apple Now Carrying hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm

iPhone accessory that lets you keep an eye on your valuables

Austin, Texas-based hippih has issued a press statement today announcing with great pride that Apple was now carrying its hipKey Proximity and Movement Alarm accessory in its US, UK, EU and Canada stores, as well as online.

The hipKey can help you find your iPad, wallet and even your loved ones at a range of up to 50 meters. Designed to fit into any pocket, the hipKey is easy to set up and use thanks to the iOS app companion.

The hardware is equipped with a motion sensor and a loud alarm and sells for $89.95 / €84.95 in Europe, and £69.95 in the UK.

Danny van der Poel, CEO of hippih says, “We were thrilled with the response that hipKey’s US launch received at CES, and think selling the devices through Apple will only continue to elevate the device in the eyes of the consumer.”

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