Apple Mistakes Millimeters for Inches in iPad Promo

According to, iPad 4 is thinner than a penny

A typo on the marketing page for the 4th-generation iPad suggests that Apple’s A6X-powered tablet is thinner than a penny, measuring just 0.37 millimeters in depth. The Cupertino company actually meant to say 0.37 inches.

The discovery spawned discussions on Reddit, with one user defending the Cupertino giant, saying “Give them a few years and it will be.”

Whether or not that will be the case a few years from now (probably more like a decade), right now .37 millimeters is not even close to the actual thinness (or thickness) of the iPad 4.

Apple’s general attention to detail is now under scrutiny because of the typo. At least some readers will undoubtedly link this rather insignificant mistake to the post-Jobs era at Apple. Not because it’s serious in and of itself, but because it’s just one of many such blunders following the death of Apple’s iconic CEO.

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