Apple May Launch Redesigned Displays as Resellers Run Out of Stock

Thunderbolt Display supplies dwindle at major resellers in America

Major Apple resellers including Amazon, MacMall, and J&R are out of stock of the Thunderbolt Display introduced by Apple in 2012. The situation could be indicative of a hardware refresh.

AppleInsider appropriately points out that such stock-outs are generally one of the first signs of an impending hardware upgrade.

Another clue should be the revamped iMac line introduced late last year. The 2012 iMac boasts a super-slim design and dramatic improvements to its display.

Considering how the Cupertino company has always strived to keep design consistency across its desktop products – and especially with the iMac and the Cinema/Thunderbolt Displays – we’d say this rumored refresh is pretty much a given.

Don’t expect a ceremonious unveiling, though. While the iMac can certainly steal any show, an updated Thunderbolt Display is nothing to get all crazy about. Aside from the reduced glare and improved viewing angles, it’s still just a monitor for your Mac mini or Mac Pro. Granted, a spectacular one.

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