Apple Is Looking to Enhance WiFi Across iPhone, iPad, Apple TV

Multiple engineers needed for “enhancing and maintaining WiFi networking”

Apple is seeking a “talented and energetic” software engineer for its WiFi team “for designing, enhancing and maintaining WiFi networking subsystem software across a range of Apple products including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and AppleTV. “

That’s the key takeaway from a new job posting on Apple’s website. The new recruit will be involved with the hardware teams behind the aforementioned products, and needs to have prior experience working on 802.11 technologies and standards.

Other key qualifications include understanding of TCP/IP suite of protocols, experience working on iOS/Mac OS X, and a Bachelor or Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent.

The ideal candidate also needs experience developing software using C/C++ programming languages, and must have “excellent analytical, programming and debugging skills.”

Think you’re up to the task? Give Apple a nudge at this address.

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