Apple Lets F-Word Loose in Application Screenshots

Soundtracker Radio features an album screenshot with uncensored wording

There was a time when Apple would reject even the slightest misbehaving IP in the iTunes App Store. A couple of years ago, a developer would see his browser rejected simply because it did what Safari did. But those days are gone.

Soundtracker Radio is a cool app that borrows the coolest stuff from Pandora and Facebook to give you an awesome listening experience.

Featured in the App Store’s Music section, Soundtracker is a universal app suitable for all screen sizes. On the iPad, iTunes Preview shows the screenshot above, featuring Madonna’s album, “I F****ed Up.”

Granted, it’s not something that’ll hit you in the face when you open up the page, which is probably why it passed through Apple’s net. But I’m pretty sure it goes against the company’s rules involving profanity in the App Store.

The cool thing is the album title goes hand in hand with Apple's blunder.

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