Apple Launching 8 New Gadgets in 2013, Including iTV [China Times]

Sketchy rumor says the much-hyped Apple television is coming before year’s end

A rather intriguing rumor coming from two Chinese-language publications says Apple is in for a full year, with eight new products scheduled to be released in 2013.

One of those exciting new products is the much-rumored iTV, according to China Times citing the Taiwan-based Commercial Times.

According to a rough translation (and adaptation) of the report, “Apple will launch iTV before the end of 2013, and the company is set to unveil seven to eight new products in the year.”

Among those eight new products are three different iPhone models, one of which is reportedly dubbed “Math,” according to the translation. Clearly something was lost in that translation, and the rumor itself sounds a bit sketchy too. Two new iPhones we get. Three? Quite unlikely.

Same goes for the iTV. Apple has vocally expressed its concerns regarding the lack of a go-to-market strategy for the television business. Steve Jobs himself said his company would never jump in with both feet unless the TV status quo was broken.

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