Apple Launches Back to School Promo in Australia and New Zealand

Buyers get a $100 (AUD) Student Gift Card to use on iTunes

Kids in Australia and New Zealand are starting school again (to their utmost delight, I’m sure) and Apple is throwing in a deal where their parents can get a A$ 100 gift card for free, after coughing up a thousand on a Mac.

Don’t let my way of putting it put you off. The deal is still a solid one, allowing any kid / parent who cares about education to spend a cool hundred on iTunes, for free.

Here’s the gist of it, in Apple’s own words: “Buy a Mac for uni and receive a A$ 100 Student Gift Card to use on apps, books, music and movies. Or buy an iPad with Retina display and get a A$ 50 Student Gift Card. If you choose a Mac, you can save with Apple education pricing.”

So you’re still going to be short a large one, no matter how you put it. But if you’ve already decided that you needed a new Mac, I’m sure that a gift card will come in mighty handy.

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