Apple Is Dimming the Lights to Surprise Us with Black Friday Deals

Best Buy and others are already putting attractive offers on the table

Apple’s International online stores are going offline one by one, starting with Australia and New Zealand where customers are confirming that the company has put up the “we’ll be back” sign.

Apple store outages are generally a reason to get excited, but sometimes they’re just done for maintenance purposes. Not today, though.

Black Friday is coming and Apple, like any respected retailer, wants customers barging in to take up some nicely discounted iPads, iPods and Macs.

That might be a problem for Apple in the States where retailers like Best Buy have already announced killer offers slashing as much as 60 bucks (around €45) off cellular iPads (fourth generation) to sell them for $339 / €262 (almost the price of an iPad mini).

Apple generally offers minimalistic discounts with its Black Friday offers, but expect at least $50 / €40 off for new-generation Macs.

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