Apple Intros New Thunderbolt Cable at Lower Price Updated

Cupertino slashes the price on existing 2.0 m cable

Apple has quietly introduced a new Thunderbolt cable for iPhone and iPad users looking to achieve blazing-fast data transfers between multiple Macintosh computers.

Previously available as a $49/€49 accessory, the existing Apple Thunderbolt cable (2.0 m) is now priced at $39/€39. The company hasn’t stated a reason for the price drop, but I’m sure no one’s complaining.

In addition to the price cut, Apple quietly introduced a new Thunderbolt cable that’s a bit shorter and also a bit cheaper. For people who only require a half-a-meter cord, the new Apple Thunderbolt Cable (0.5 m) sells for $29/€29 and is currently “in stock” over at Apple’s US online store.

Cupertino says, “Use the Apple Thunderbolt Cable to connect your Thunderbolt-equipped peripherals to your iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air.”

Update: article modified to remove a reference to iDevices, which suggested the cable was compatible with iPhones and iPads. Sorry for the confusion everyone.

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