Apple: How to Use iTunes in the Cloud to Your Benefit

Learn how to get instant access to your iTunes purchases wherever you are

This week, Apple pushed out a new iTunes tip to customers informing them of the coolness surrounding iTunes in the Cloud, which allows them to get instant access to their iTunes purchases wherever they are.

iCloud is old news, but Apple is using its Inside iTunes section to market the free iTunes in the Cloud service that allows you to download your past iTunes Store purchases to your devices anytime, anyplace.

Apple reminds users that the service extends to music, apps, books, and TV shows and provides the necessary instructions so that people use it to their benefit (visit Apple here for the full post).

The service also allows you to send your purchases to multiple devices automatically. iDevice owners must turn on Automatic Downloads for music, apps, and books “to ensure that the things you buy will be on all your devices immediately.”

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