Apple: How to Post Reviews in iTunes

Apple encourages iTunes Store / App Store customers to share their thoughts

Apple fans are well accustomed with the reviews (comments) mechanism, but a lot of customers also have no idea how to post a review, rate an app or a song, etc. Today, Apple shows you how to do it.

Over at Inside iTunes Apple has released a quick tip on reading and writing customer reviews on the company’s various venues for digital content distribution.

Whether you’re on the iTunes Store, the App Store, or the iBookstore, you can sort customer reviews by most favorable, most critical, most helpful, and most recent, Apple says. Just click the bar next to Customer Reviews in the upper right-hand side of the first comment / review.

You yourself can indicate which reviews you found helpful by answering Yes, No, or Report a Concern.

“Join the conversation by posting reviews and ratings of your own--just click or tap the Ratings and Reviews tab (which is just called Ratings on iPhone and iPod touch), then click or tap the Write a Review button at the top of the Customer Reviews section,” Apple explains. You can also rate an app (from 1 star to 5).

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