Apple Hires Paul Wright to Handle iAd Division in EMEA

Omnicom Media Group’s chief digital officer gets job offer at Apple Inc.

Apple has snatched Omnicom Media Group’s Chief Digital Officer Paul Wright to give him a job as director of the iAd division in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

The Drum has heard from people familiar with the matter that “Apple is aiming to ramp up the mobile ad network and Wright will be responsible for driving the growth across EMEA.”

Wright is expected to start work within Apple’s mobile advertising network in the coming months. No other details were given.

Apple’s iAd initiative hasn’t performed as expected. Back when Steve Jobs introduced the mobile advertising platform, a client’s entry fee was capped at $1 million (£650,000 / €780,000).

Apple has steadily decreased this allowance to as low as $25,000, with high hopes that it will compete with major mobile advertisers, such as AdMob (which is owned by Google).

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