Apple Has a Staffer Named Sam Sung

Specialist at one of the company’s retail stores bears the name of archrival Samsung

What, the headline isn’t enough? Apparently Apple’s retail organization is staffing a Specialist named Sam Sung. Considering the employee’s full name is probably Samuel, you have to admire the ballsy decision to have the shortened name printed out on his business card.

Working at Apple with the name Sam Sung is bound to draw some attention, mainly because of the ongoing patent war between Apple and Korea-based Samsung.

But it seems Sam is fine with it. Perhaps he likes the attention he’s getting. Or perhaps there are few people who actually notice the pun.

But one has to wonder how that job interview went for Mr. Sung, who is currently employed as a Specialist at Apple’s 701 West Georgia Street store, Suite 5030 in Vancouver, BC.

The image comes from The Loop reader Shaun O’Toole. The photo has already spawned puns like Mike Rosoft, Ann Droid, and Elle G. What’s your spinoff?

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