Apple Has 10 Million iWork Users

Apps sell individually on the Mac and iOS App Stores for cheap

Apple has confirmed in a press statement that its iWork productivity suite is used by more than 10 million people worldwide.

Apple makes the confirmation in its January 29 press release announcing the 128GB iPad with Retina display. The 10-million-user reference is tucked away in a paragraph which talks about apps that make sense on the beefed up tablet (emphasis ours).

“The over 10 million iWork users, and customers who rely on other incredible apps like Global Apptitude for analyzing team film and creating digital playbooks, Auria for an incredible 48 track recording system, or AutoCAD for drafting architectural and engineering drawings, also benefit greatly from having the choice of an iPad with more storage capacity.”

iWork includes Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, three office applications that originally shipped bundled on optical media. Since the suite’s shift to digital distribution, Apple has also lowered its price, selling each app individually for $19.99 / €17.99 on the Mac App Store. The suite is also available for iOS with a $9.99 / €8.99 price tag for each app.

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