Apple Giving Select Staffers Time Off for Private Projects

Media regards Apple’s move as a change of culture and vision

As revealed by WSJ’s Jessica Lessin on yesterday’s News Hub video show, Apple is now giving select employees a number of perks that had been frowned upon in the Steve Jobs era. One of those benefits is some well-deserved time off to work on personal projects.

Business Insider reports on Lessin’s disclosure suggesting that Apple’s culture is starting to resemble Google’s, referring to the search giant’s program that allows employees to take 20% of their work time to engage in personal projects.

However, Lessin said Apple’s initiative is a “far cry” from what Google is doing in its own camp, noting that the Cupertino company hasn’t extended the program to all staffers. Only a select few will be able to take the two weeks off.

Here’s to hoping Apple’s top brass has some interesting hobbies. Who knows, maybe this is how the next big thing will be spawned. Or maybe this is a sign that Apple has lost its vision and is looking to churn up new ideas.

What’s your take on this?

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