Apple Game TV Box: One Clue That It Might Happen, Straight from the App Store

Cupertino is rumored to be updating its puck-sized box with support for game controllers

It’s no mystery that pretty much everyone on the planet loves video games, which is probably why the iTunes App Store and Google Play are packed to the brim with them. But one rumor has it that Apple is planning to take on the big console sellers with its own alternative.

And one major indication that such plans are underway in Cupertino is this: five of the seven banners looping endlessly at the top of the iTunes App Store’s home page currently promote games and / or game compilations. These include:

101 Gaming – Learn to Play Like a Pro

thomas was alone – Experience the indie game sensation

tabletennis touch – Only on the App Store

Benchmark Games – Standard-Setting Experiences

Star Wars – Apps & Games

Also worth noting is that eight of the 10 top paid apps are games. Five of the ten top free apps are also games, and there are various other smaller ads scattered across the main iTunes Store page that promotes new game arrivals, the best new games, a lonesome green banner that just has “GAMES” stamped on it in caps, etc.

Suffice it to say Apple is putting a big emphasis on games lately. So it’s hard not to see the company capitalizing on this phenomenon with a device that puts these games on the big screen.

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