Apple “Forgets” to Cut the Price on Base MacBook Air Models

Cupertino still charges $999/€999 for its entry-level (11-inch) notebook

Apple is making a pretty big deal about slashing the prices on several MacBook configurations today, but the company has left some models intact, and that includes their price.

Apple today cut the price on several MacBook Pro configurations, as well as one particular MacBook Air model, while also boosting the processor speed on the Pro side.

The news is more than welcome, as Apple’s notebooks are not exactly what you would call affordable. However, in slashing the price on just the higher-end systems, Apple is waiving off an opportunity to generate positive headlines about dropping the starting price on its base configuration models.

The tiny 11-inch MacBook Air still sells for a cool thousand (minus one dollar), and the price figure is the same in Euro across EU territories.

A cheaper $899 MacBook Air would have gotten people talking, perhaps even speculating that Apple is finally going down that route as well. Guess not.

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