Apple Fixing iOS Maps with Korea’s SK M&C

Cupertino employs the help of a Korean company to improve maps in the country

Apple has reportedly signed a contract with a company called SK M&C to use its expertise to fix its mapping services in Korea.

Patently Apple is citing Korean news sources as saying that mapping company SK M&C will help Apple improve its Korean map content after entering into a contract.

The company, whose map content is utilized on SK Telecom's T-map, is said to have begun work already. Based on the map data provided by SK M&C, Apple has been able to improve its vector maps, the report says.

SK M&C also provides map content to the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Tele Atlas.

Apple is said to have enlisted the help of SK M&C as Korea’s legislature prohibits the transfer of domestic geospatial information to places outside the country.

Apple has pledged to fix its iOS Maps implementation via an apologetic letter signed by the CEO.

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