Apple Fixes Mac App Store Preview Screenshots

Web-based version of Mac App Store now displays images again

For over two months now the web version of Apple’s Mac App Store (dubbed “Preview”) has been experiencing some issues. Namely, the screenshots didn’t display.

Mac App Store Preview is the equivalent of iTunes Preview for Mac apps. It displays the page reserved for each app found in the Mac App Store in a near-identical manner, complete with key features, requirements, and changelogs.

The screenshots, however, have been invisible in Mac App Store Preview since the end of August. They're back now. The Mac App Store application itself wasn’t affected by this glitch.

Whether or not this has anything to do with Tim Cook giving Eddy Cue some new responsibilities is uncertain.

What we do know is that such pleasant surprises have become a rare sight at Apple lately. Since they're at it, they might as well address the delays between announcements and Support updates (tech-notes).

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