Apple Explodes on Court Order to Clarify HTC Deal — Report

Samsung says Apple was happy to “forego exclusivity in exchange for money”

A judge has ordered Apple to disclose information about the company’s patent deal with HTC in their ongoing legal dispute with South Korea’s Samsung Electronics.

Samsung could potentially defend itself better against Apple's attempts to ban patent-infringing gadgets. It wants to know whether or not the iPhone maker licensed any of the patents that it allegedly infringed upon.

Samsung’s argument is that Apple was happy to “forego exclusivity in exchange for money." Yahoo News’ Connor Simpson now reveals that “Apple just threw a tantrum because they were ordered to tell Samsung a bunch of secrets [relating to its deal with HTC].”

As such, the Cupertino giant now names additional infringing devices in its latest filing, including the Galaxy S III running the latest Android software, the Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi, the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, the Rugby Pro, and the Galaxy S III Mini.

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