Apple Explains Logic Behind 8GB iPhone 5c

Cupertino wants to leverage LTE growth in key territories

Only a handful of countries around the world are getting the 8GB iPhone 5c – Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and China – a move that has baffled some observers. But Apple has a good explanation for its decision.

The Cupertino, California-based computer giant offers the following statement to re/code, edited by Ina Fried (of the Wall Street Journal).

“The mid-tier iPhone segment is growing year over year and the 8GB model provides a more affordable option for markets where LTE is becoming more established.”

In other words, Apple is pinpointing the exact places on earth where LTE networks are strong and people want a high-quality smartphone but aren’t yet prepared to pay the price of a high-end iPhone 5s. Instead, they can get the 8GB iPhone 5c model, which sells for €429 ($597.68) / £429 ($713.77) / AUD$ 679 (USD $618.67).

Notably, Apple doesn’t offer the phone to United States customers, likely because of the subsidy trend. The company seems to be struggling to move iPhone 5c units, as fans typically crave the more expensive 5s model, which packs a fingerprint sensor, a metal enclosure, a faster processor, and a better camera. Apple this year will unveil a new version of the iPhone, at which point the 5c may well be discontinued.

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