Apple Executives Fly to Turkey to Discuss Deploying 15 Million iPads in Schools

Discussions also involved changing the layout of the old “F-keyboard”

Turkish blog Elma Dergisi reports that Apple’s vice president for education met with Turkish president Abdullah Gül this weekend to discuss a multi-billion dollar initiative to put 15 million tablets in the hands of Turkish schoolchildren.

The discussions reportedly centered around the deployment of the devices, as well as a potential redesign of the “F-keyboard” layout on the iOS devices, for a more intuitive usage.

Another key topic of the discussions was a request to put iBooks with Turkish content in the iBookstore. In December Apple opened the iTunes Store for music and movies for the first time in the country.

Several Apple executives were present at the meeting, including vice president for education John Couch. The names of other Apple high-ups present at the discussion remain unknown.

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