Apple Discontinues iPod touch 4G

The “budget” iPod touch 5th-gen is now on the scene

The fourth-generation iPod touch originally introduced by Apple in September of 2010 has been quietly discontinued by Apple.

The company is replacing the 2010 model with a 2013, 5th-gen model which can be regarded as a budget version of the player.

The 4th-generation iPod touch had a 3.4-inch display and dual-cameras. The player shipped with Apple’s regular headphones, and owners can still install the latest iOS version on it. However, you can no longer buy one brand new. Only a bunch of refurbished units are still available on Special Deals.

The media player has been discontinued in favor of the new iPod touch 5th-generation, which sells for $229 / €229 and lacks several features compared to the original version.

For one thing, it has less storage (only 16GB). Another downside is that it doesn’t have a rear-facing camera. The “loop” which you use to tie the device to your wrist is also not included. Same goes for the color options – you only buy this one in Grey.

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