Apple Customers Can Pay to Chat with Support for Out-of-Warranty Products

“Here to Help” program also introduced for AppleCare Staff

Apple today launched a new service that enables customers with an out-of-warranty device to pay a $19.99 (€14.39) fee up-front and get service from a company representative online.

An actual Support staffer reportedly said, “How it will work is I will be able to send you a link in our Chat that you would be able to follow. From that link you will then be taken to an Apple website that will allow you to put in your Credit Card information to make the payment. Afterwards it will update in my system showing me that you have payed for the coverage and that you’re now eligible for support…”

However, because the company flipped the switch a tad early, the system is currently not working very well. The staffer added, “Once it is working properly however it is a very simple process.”

9to5mac also hears that Apple is introducing a new training program for AppleCare staffers, “Here to Help.” The program comprises three-day training sessions that “will transform AppleCare by sharpening our focus on our customers’ experience while continuing to provide fantastic product support,” according to Apple representatives.

All AppleCare Advisors will have access to the program in the following months, according to the report.

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