Apple Crushes Competition in Ultrabook Assessment by ABI Research

Cupertino has to thank the MacBook Air’s dominant market share for that

ABI Research has released its Ultrabook Competitive Assessment which ranks Apple as leader of the pack in the mobile computing market.

Apple’s top position is reflected in its average score for innovation and implementation, says ABI Research, which gave the Cupertino giant 84.7 out of a possible 100 points.

Trailing the Mac maker with 77.5 points was Lenovo, followed by Samsung Electronics with 74.4 points.

However, despite ranking first, Apple was beaten by both Lenovo and Asus in the innovation segment.

Apple’s advantage over its rivals is implementation, says ABI, noting that a large portion of its success comes from the company's global presence, market strategy, and dominant market share in the notebook segment (with the MacBook Air).

“We project that the company will ship almost three times as many ultraportables by end of 2012 as its nearest competitors,” noted ABI Research.

The research company’s full analysis can be found here.

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