Apple Could Lose "iPhone" Name in Mexico as Court Sides with iFone

Mexican company asks for a minimum 40% of all iPhone sales in the country

Apple’s legal department can’t seem to catch a break as the Cupertino giant is now facing a ban in Mexico where iFone, a Mexican telecommunications company, is attempting to stop sales of Apple’s smartphone under the “iPhone” brand (which is pronounced the same).

According to reports, a court in Mexico City has denied an injunction that would have permitted Apple to sell the iPhone there.

The reason? Apparently, Apple’s smartphone dubbing violates the trademarks of iFone, a Mexican telecommunications company which had owned the “iFone” moniker years before the first iPhone came out.

Apple could lose the ability to sell devices under the iPhone name in Mexico.

However, there’s more. iFone is also suing the Cupertino giant for damages for past infringement, reports. The Mexican company is reportedly asking for at least 40% of all iPhone sales in the country.

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