Apple Convinces Foxconn to Improve Labor Conditions at Its Factories

Executives in Cupertino apply the same work ethics at home

After breaking an upsetting news story about harsh labor conditions at Foxconn in January this year, The New York Times has taken a second look at the practices employed by Apple’s biggest manufacturing partner.

The newspaper confirms in a lengthy piece published this week that Foxconn is indeed undergoing changes, improving not only the working conditions for its staffers, but also their social lives around campuses.

Apple has reportedly managed to convince Foxconn executives to reduce working hours and increase wages in 2013. Many workers on the iPhone and iPad assembly lines have already seen salary spikes in 2012.

According to the report, the changes also applied to Apple itself which, “in the last year has tripled its corporate social responsibility staff, has re-evaluated how it works with manufacturers, has asked competitors to help curb excessive overtime in China and has reached out to advocacy groups it once rebuffed,” according to the report.

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