Apple Continues Testing on Next-Generation OS X 10.9

Few upticks but still a reassuring sign that we’re in for a new Mac OS this summer

Webserver log entries with “OS X 10.9” User-Agent fields have been recorded as coming from Apple’s network in what is an imminent occurrence with perhaps just one month ahead of the next Mac OS refresh. OS X continues to be part of an accelerated refresh effort, as confirmed by Apple themselves.

Softpedia is able to corroborate reports saying Apple’s corporate network is accessing the web using Macs that are running “10.9” operating systems. The “tip” was originally handed to the Apple blogosphere by Czech site Letem světem Applem, then spread by 9to5mac and others.

Clues pertaining to OS X 10.9 testing coming from Apple haven’t seen any spike in recent months, but at least there is some indication that it is moving at a fast pace with development.

The real question hovering over many people’s heads is “what will it be called?” Since they’re almost out of cats by now, they might as well jump to OS XI Primate.

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