Apple Confirms iPhone 5 Keyboard Issue, to Fix It in Next iOS 6 Update

The keyboard screen flickering is actually a software glitch, says Apple

We’ve already told you that iPhone 5 comes with what seems to be a keyboard screen flickering problem and after receiving plenty of complaints on its support forums, the Cupertino-based company has finally confirmed it.

It’s a bug and not a feature (as many Apple fanboys would say) and it’s nothing more than a software issue, Apple confirmed in a statement according to TNW.

The problem is going to be fixed in the next iOS 6 update, so you have nothing else to do than wait until the parent company finally launches the revised software.

“Apple is aware of the issue & that they’re working on it. It will be patched in an upcoming iOS update. It’s confirmed to be a software issue. Why it only happens on some devices, she [an Apple rep] didn’t have details. The bottom line is that they’re working on it now & we will have a solution,” an iPhone 5 owner who talked to an Apple representative said.

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