Apple Co-Founder Wozniak to Rescue His Wife from Kidnappers in “Woz with a Coz”

A scientist and a machete-wielding Mexican to cause mayhem in Fusion City

Due out around November 22 to coincide with Thanksgiving, “Woz with a Coz” is a new iOS game by ITN Flix and React Games which features a sidekick character based off America’s favorite geek, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The game is said to be a tie-in and awareness driver for “Vengeance,” an upcoming film featuring “Machete” star Danny Trejo.

In the game, a cartooned (and heavily caricatured) Steve Wozniak teams up with Trejo to rescue his wife, Janet, who has been kidnapped.

According to the game’s plot, “the Apple co-founder and his wife, ‘J-Woz,’ are enjoying their evening together, taking a glide. Unfortunately, their otherwise quiet evening is ruined -- not by a competitive product release -- but rather by street thugs kidnapping ‘J-Woz’!!!”

Players are tasked with tearing up “Fusion City” (a reference to Fusion IO, the company where Wozniak works as chief scientist) “in their quest to rescue ‘J-Woz,’ and maybe cause a little mayhem on their way…”

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