Apple Changes Jony Ive’s Executive Title

“London-born designer Jonathan Ive is Apple's senior vice president of Design”

Jonathan Ive’s executive profile on has undergone a minor but significant change. The iconic designer’s title no longer includes “Industrial.”

For those of you asking why this is important, Jony Ive’s new “Senior Vice President, Design” nomenclature means everything that involves design within Apple now has to go through him. That includes software, too.

Before last year’s executive shakeup which put Ive in charge of Human Interfaces across the company, the Brit was SVP of Industrial Design, which meant he was in charge of hardware stuff almost exclusively.

Now, as SVP of Design, Ive oversees everything that matters from a visual standpoint.

For those of you who don’t like iOS 7 and its colors, don’t worry, his new position doesn’t mean he will slap a pinkish hue all over every product in Apple's pipeline. His new job title merely reflects his duties better.

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