Apple Celebrates 5 Years of the App Store

Cupertino sends giant poster to reporters marking all the App Store’s milestones

Apple has started sending out giant posters celebrating the App Store’s five years of existence, complete with a lowdown of the milestones surpassed over the years.

Journalists at hotshot publications are receiving the poster displayed above in celebration of the App Store’s five years of existence since its inception in the summer of 2008.

What started out as a modest venue with a meager 500 titles has become the biggest and most profitable application store in the world, with close to 1 million unique titles on file and over 50 billion recorded downloads.

Across these five years, Apple has expanded its range of iDevices (capable of running App Store content) from one iPhone and one iPod touch to several different models.

In the interim (2010), the company also unveiled its first tablet computer. The Cupertino giant is now gearing up to release the fifth-generation model, as well as a revamped version of the iPad mini.

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