Apple Buys PrimeSense for 3D Imaging Technology

Acquisition price said to be $345 million / €255 million

Apple has reportedly bought PrimeSense, an Israeli chip maker which focuses on 3D image recognition, for $345 million / €255 million.

Israeli financial newspaper the Calcalist reports that Apple has acquired PrimeSense for its 3D imaging technology, which recognizes human faces and movements and uses them in a virtual environment, much like the Microsoft Kinect.

The purchase price is said to be $345 million / €255 million. Apple reportedly wants the technology for its Apple TV product, but it is unclear what applications would use it.

The acquisition hasn’t been confirmed by either one of the two parties, but speculation will undoubtedly arise regarding a potential gaming upgrade for the Apple TV set-top box.

Apple is also rumored to be developing a full-fledged television product. The Cupertino giant has been trying to introduce this product for years, but failed negotiations with the cable operators and the need to address wearable technology trends have forced the company to put its television plans on hold.

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