Apple Board Member Hints at iWatch as “Intimate” Computer Bloomberg

Bill Campbell envisions wearable devices as the next big thing

In a town hall meeting at Intuit headquarters, Bill Campbell (chairman of Intuit) relayed on a number of topics, including wearable computing, hinting at Apple’s rumored iWatch.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that, while Campbell didn’t specifically name Apple or any products made by the Cupertino giant, he did say we should expect “a lot of things going on with the application of technology to really intimate things.”

“It’s a phenomenal breakthrough,” he said. “When you start to think about glasses or watches, they become as intimate as the cell phone was.”

The glasses Campbell mentioned is Google Glass. And smart watches are also already available in various forms, such as the Pebble. But if this person sits on the Apple board of directors and sees wearable computing as a shift in paradigm, then Apple will want to be at the center of it, as always.

The iPhone maker is said to be working with a team of 100 engineers to get the iWatch released this year.

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