Apple Would Better Have a Different iWatch Design than This

Fashionable Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet + Watch goes on sale for $50 / €38.82

Brando has unveiled the Fashionable Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet + Watch, a wearable device that looks like something Apple would build, unfortunately.

I say unfortunately because usually the first people to score an original design are also the ones who get to keep it. But with such poor functionality, Brando’s Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet + Watch is almost going to waste.

It’s a notifications device which vibrates when you get a call on your smartphone, and it’s also a time keeping piece. It’s got a third feature too, which is admittedly kind of cool.

“…if your mobile phone has gone more than 2 Meters apart from you, the Bracelet will notify you through vibration,” says the advert. Kind of like a built-in Find My iPhone.

For just $50 / €38.82, the design alone is worth every penny. I truly hope Apple has prepared an iWatch that not only looks different, but does a whole lot more than just vibrate.

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