Apple Approves Bitcoin Wallet App “Coin Pocket”

Following change of heart / rules, Apple starts approving virtual currency apps

Developer Enriquez Software is one of the first to see their Bitcoin apps approved in the iTunes App Store after a brief moment of uncertainty regarding Apple’s view on such apps.

Apple recently amended some of its App Store review rules to include new changes in the way a Bitcoin app should work in order to be approved on iTunes. One of the first developers to see their Bitcoin app featured in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Enriquez Software offers a free solution dubbed Coin Pocket - Bitcoin Wallet.

According to the app’s description, you can use it to send and receive Bitcoin from your iOS device with Sweep Private Keys in HEX, WIF, or BIP38 format. It comes fully loaded, featuring a QR Code Scanner, the ability to export BIP38 private keys for backup, and multiple sources for BTC to USD conversion.

The software comes with a cautionary note that states, “Check your state and federal laws on the transmission of Bitcoin or virtual currencies before using the send feature of this app. You are liable for the use of Bitcoin in your jurisdiction.”

Apple has shown a tendency to handpick apps that promote virtual currencies, so don’t expect this to be a green light for all types of apps that involve Bitcoins.

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