Apple App Store Hits 1 Million Submissions — Report

Tracker Appsfire discloses unofficial App Store figures leaving out Mac apps

App Store discovery company Appsfire confirms that Apple’s iTunes-based digital distribution venue has passed 1 million submissions, with over 730K apps currently live for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The figures were disclosed by Ouriel Ohayon, co-founder of Appsfire, who provided additional details to TNW, such as how many apps are paid, how many apps are games, and so on.

According to Ohayon, of the 1 million app submissions since Apple opened its App Store, 493,289 were paid and 158,848 were games.

Over 736,000 apps are currently live in the App Store, and 336,270 of those are paid, according to Ohayon. 120,065 are games (around 16 percent), the Appsfire co-founder reveals.

The numbers don’t take into account the Mac App Store and its respective titles. Also, TNW points out that many of the 1 million apps submitted to Apple have been rejected or removed. Apple will have to approve roughly 270,000 more apps to confirm that it has 1 million live apps in the iTunes App Store.

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