Apple Answers Questions About iTunes Radio

FAQ document details the nuts and bolts of Apple’s music streaming service

Apple customers looking to get acquainted with the company’s new music-streaming service, iTunes Radio, now have a handy reference guide to use for any questions they may want answered.

In what is essentially a FAQ on Apple’s Support site, a KB article dubbed “Common questions about iTunes Radio” lays out everything there is to know about the music service, including stuff like skipping songs, repeating playback, fast-forwarding, ads and ad skipping, and so on.

Here’s one interesting tidbit from the documentation. According to Apple, “Similar to a radio station, a song on iTunes Radio is played in real time; however, with iTunes Radio, you can skip up to six songs per hour on a station.”

For the full scoop, head over to Apple’s Support site.

iTunes Radio is a free, ad-supported service which comes with iOS 7 and iTunes 11. It competes with Pandora Radio, and has a pro-level version which allows customers to skip ads altogether by purchasing an iTunes Match subscription.

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