Apple Announces New Local Currencies for the App Store

Developers are told to check and see how these currencies align with price tiers

On its Developer site Apple is announcing that the App Store is now selling titles in Russia, Turkey, India, and Arab countries in the currencies used in those respective territories.

Making it easier for customers in these countries to estimate the amount of cash spent on each app, the App Store now supports local currencies in Russia, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, Apple confirms.

Developers are instructed to view the Rights and Pricing section of the app management module in iTunes Connect to see how these currencies align with price tiers.

In related news, Apple has increased App Store prices in Europe by 10 Euro cents.

Applications that used to cost €0.79 – the lowest price you’ll find throughout Apple’s digital distribution venue – now sell for €0.89.

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