Apple Again Blocks Java 7 in OS X

Xprotect anti-malware system requires newer (unreleased) version of the plug-in

Apple has blocked Java in OS X once again using the built-in Xprotect anti-malware system. Cybersecurity experts indirectly support the decision, as they continue to recommended that users disable the plug-in if they don’t require it.

A security flaw in the Java platform triggered a similar response from Apple earlier this month, and while Oracle reportedly patched the flaw, Apple has decided to block Java again.

It has been reported that Oracle’s patch failed to squash one of the bugs associated with the vulnerability, potentially putting users at risk.

Security researchers have indicated that users should disable Java in their web browsers unless it is absolutely necessary to run the plug-in.

Apple and Oracle are yet to issue a formal response regarding the former’s decision to block Java yet again. But you can expect a fresh update from Oracle relatively soon.

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